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For undertaking this work it has been necessary to count on the support and collaboration of a wide range of partners and stakeholders within ROCK project and some others not directly involved in it. 


We really appreciate the willingness and disposition of the RoCK Team coming from all cities, especially of those colleagues directly engaged in the organization of the seminars of City Branding that Taso has implemented during 2018 in Athens, Bologna, Cluj-Napoca, Lisbon, Skopje, Turin and Vilnius. As well to all the participants of those seminars for their comments,  wisdom and inputs on the issue. Certainly, that has been a very valuable way of knowing the situation of urban development and cultural heritage in every city. As well, it has been a great way of knowing the particular and collective visions related to each of them.


The open discussion on the “de-brandization” of urban narratives has been a key element in order to achieve our objective. Cultural Heritage has been traditionally underrated and it offers a fresh way of approaching urbanism, urban marketing and communication. Our priority has been maintaining a crowdsourcing perspective in our research. We have been open to listen to and look at all possible points of view, coming from all backgrounds and experiences. That’s why is impossible to say thanks to every one of the persons that have contributed to this discussion in one way or another.


Nevertheless, we want to say thanks to the RoCK Team in Athens, and the people that help us to get the information on the case studies coming from the Greek capital, especially to Haris Biskos, Giorgos Sachinis and Katerina Gkotziouli.


The RoCK Team in Bologna, the Comune di Bologna and Unibo for their continued support and for making easier every step in the development of our research. Especially to Mariangela Garofalo, Pamela Lama and Silvia Bartoloni.


We want to thank the Nowhere team for their mindfulness in the tech assistance.


From Lisbon, we would like to say thanks to Paula Teixeira, Antonio Miranda and Ana Silva Dias for their support. As well to the members of the Colectivo Warehouse for their courtesy.


Of course to the ROCK Team in Cluj-Napoca, in particular to Diana Apan and Ovidiu Cimpean. Also to Anamaria Boghean from the Feel Your City project; and to the Paintbrush Factory team.


From Skopje, we want to thank the support of Zoran Petrovski (MoCA Museum) and the KinoKultura team for their disposition. 


We really appreciate the support of the Go Vilnius team, particularly the work and availability of Inga Romanovskienė, Vilma Daubariene and Aušra Sičiūnienė. They have shared with us big amounts of very helpful information. 


Among the RoCK Team in Turin, we would like to acknowledge the collaboration of the Comune di Torino and Torino Urban Lab. We would like to recognise the work of Stefano Benedetto and, especially, of Erica Albarello and Chiara Lucchini. We really appreciate their kind disposition, efficiency and hard work.


At last, we would particularly like to thank Cécile Houpert (Eurocities) for her readiness, precious time and advice. Finally, we want to say thanks to the colleagues of ICLEI for their support, especially to Talía Rangil-Escribano, Iryna Novak and Cristina Garzillo.


We are very pleased with having had such a great team of collaborators. Without them, it would have been impossible to develop this task.

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