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A city that doesn't lose its nerve

Shops with a history, Lisbon

Shops with a History Lisbon
photo by Paulo Alexandrino © Municipality of Lisbon

Preserving the living memories of a still alive city, that one proud of its unique heritage, its everyday identity

A city is much more than its citizens and buildings, much more than the activity taking place there, than the industries, shops, or products to be sold. The identity of the city is found in the preserved memories. In all those things that happened there and make it real and special, unique.

Before globalisation, shops used to be something that made every city, every neighbourhood, especially distinguishable. Shopping and shops can and, indeed, should be an element that makes it different from others. Down through Lisbon’s history, trade and commerce have played a particularly important role in the life of the city. And it continues to occupy a decisive place in the economic, social and cultural life of the Portuguese capital today. You can still recognise Lisbon idiosyncrasy through its old shops.

Shopping facilities are both, a differentiating mark of the city, and an economic activity that also generates employment and makes the city be alive. Urban planning, architecture, preservation of cultural heritage and economic activities should be well coordinated in order to help these businesses to survive in the time of internet and immaterial transactions.

Shops with a history is such a necessary tool to make this heritage still tangible. To make citizens proud of their trajectory. Valued and recognised. It is a homage to those things well done, to the stories well-told. To the braves that don't lose their nerve, even in dire straits.

It is a whole exercise of memory. And a high-quality acquisition.

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