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The mirrored city

Plartwo, Torino

© Plartwo

Falling in love with contemporary art is an urban duty

Contemporary city and contemporary art are very much in love, and you know it. Torino knows it. Contemporary art is not offering any more isolated spaces for contemplating works in silence. Art is not sacred as it used to be. The proposal is, instead, being a propeller for creativity and innovation, able of opening new spaces to be used by citizens, to foster the local community. It is permeable, dynamic and everchanging, just as the urban life is.

Located at the Barriera di Milano, Plartwo is going to be a new contemporary art centre in Torino, one more for an impressive list. The Piedmontese is probably one of the most important world capitals of art right now. It is, as well, another step in the evolution of an area that suffered the impact, first, of the bombs of the II World War and, after, of the industrial crisis. But as we said, cities are moving, overcoming obstacles, and Barriera the Milano now is a new pole for innovation, a laboratory for developing a new kind of city: greener, smarter and more creative.

That's why Plartwo will be a mirror towards the city. Literally, a space for urban reflection. Its mobile façade will be a metaphor of the metamorphosis of the city. But the city is not Narcissus and won't be there just looking at itself. It is going to go further, and it is going to be faster, not falling into the enchantment of its own beauty anymore.

A wise move.

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