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A playground trick

Controviali, Torino


Recovering space for pedestrians might be the way for a funnier and healthier city

Every city got its own tricks. When you know them, then you are a proper inhabitant that proudly can offer help to those who visit the city. If you are from Torino, definitely... you know how to use “controviali”, the system of service roads all around its long avenues.

They were thought to be green promenades in their origin, the urban extension that took place in the XIX century. But today, they are used as traffic lanes and parking slots. Just a forgotten public space. A huge structure of around 120 km. to be redesign. How?

This silent heritage is a huge opportunity to rethink the city, to show the possibilities of a new backbone for it. Controviali might be a driving force for enhancing a greener and more sustainable urban future, offering space for cycling paths, gardens and leisure. The reappropriation of these spaces might develop a new identity and image of Torino. The trick for a more human, participative, healthy and funny urban future. A playground for being used by citizens.

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