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Mouraria Creative Hub, Lisbon

Mouraria Creative Hub Lisbon
© Municipality of Lisbon

Showing the layers of the past as an inspiration for the future to come

Since its birth, during the XIIth century, Mouraria has a whole history associated to delinquency, poverty and exclusion, even if it had always been a territory with unique potentials, among which are cultural and built heritage, and its centrality in the city of Lisbon.

It is in this context that, in 2010, Lisbon's Municipality made de decision to deeply requalify Mouraria and Intendente areas. At the Lagares Quarter, in the foot of Graça Hill, Mouraria Creative Hub appears in a privileged location, an old mansion-house of the XVth century just looking from the heights to the rest of the city.

It has a complex past and a tricky structure, typical in this area of the city: a rare remnant of the Islamic space organization, a stone wall from the XVIIIth century, traces of fountains, tiles... Finally, a space articulated through different levels and yards, showing somehow the different layers of the city.

All this is as a proof of the amazing survival capacity of the city through History, and a sample of the profound creativity of its citizens along time.

Mouraria Creative Hub is a unique opportunity for the promotion of cultural and creative industries in the city of Lisbon and the support of job creation and young entrepreneurship. A perfect site then to follow suit and find inspiration.

This strong identity is there to be used as a powerful engine for new ideas.

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