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Baroque for the future

Sapiegos Tech Park, Vilnius

© Vilnius Tech Park

Giving an innovative baroque touch to the new talents and businesses

Can the biggest technology hub for start-ups and tech businesses within ICT sector in the Baltics and Nordics be baroque? Yes, that is possible. Sapiegos tech park is an amazing example of recovering heritage for the most innovative use. A huge and centrally located baroque site has become the core of entrepreneurship, talent and culture in Vilnius.

Sapiegos Techpark is a good example of how new technology can give new life to heritage. And how heritage can host innovation efforts making them more sustainable and green. You don't need to go to any suburb if you can work just in the city centre, related to the history and the identity of the place.

Work and leisure; citizens and visitors can go hand in hand. No more non-places for working or living, please. Life can be better with a little bit of a baroque touch.

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