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The city at full throttle

Technopolis, Athens

cc LD Rivero

Urban future is now propelled by art and creativity

Technology is a propeller for urban development. It was and it will be. But as we know well, the time of industries located inside the cities is gone, thankfully. And right now we don't live anymore in metropolises surrounded by belching smokestacks. The air is getting better and the dream of a clean and green urban routine is day by day getting closer.

Nowadays we got different “factories”, those propelled by art and creativity. And some of them are smartly using those huge abandoned spaces of old industrial heritage. Technopolis, in Athens, is a project where the past and the future of the city go finally hand-in-hand. The old gas industry of the city offers a new hub for fun, arts and creativity, a space for being enjoyed while understanding the facts of urban history.

Athens is definitely at full-speed. Using all its unbelievable resources to develop a new identity for that to come.

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