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One century and beyond

Polo del '900, Torino

photo by Enrico Muraro

Diving into the documents of the past is definitely a way of self-knowledge

Novecento was not only a colossal movie by Bernardo Bertolucci; and it was not only a complex century of revolutions, wars and, after all, economic development and peace. From now on it is the brand new attraction pole of the city of Torino. A place to look at if you are one of those who think that self-knowledge is a key element to build up the future.

A massive site where the documents of a whole century can be dived into. And that's not a simple metaphor: 9 km of them (all aligned, that's true) are waiting for you. A space for alleviating your lust for culture.

But Polo del '900 is not only there for researching and celebrating the history of the XXth century. It is a new way of using the spaces of an old military quarter putting the eye in the future. It is one of the biggest cultural centres you can imagine, an open space for innovation and democratic participation.

Open to all citizens 365 days a year.

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