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Culture in motion

KinoKultura, Skopje

© KinoKultura, Skopje

An open stage for freedom. A monument to the dynamics of culture

Kino Kultura it was and it is “a monument of culture”. Its nowadays re-used building is related to numerous events in the past. One is related to the setting of the first public drama theatre performance of the future Macedonian National Theatre, in Macedonian language, staged on 20th December 1944. This connection to events and memories make us understand the historical and emotional importance of this kind of buildings, at risk of ruin and disappearing at the beginning of the XXIst century.

This space has a significant role in the development of socio-cultural life in the city. Kino Kultura is a unique space in regards to its structure and programme orientations. It is a space with a distinctive agenda of contemporary art and culture content, with an accent on the performing arts but also a content developed by the larger citizens’ community, reflecting the recent and important questions in society. It is an open space freed of top-down decision-making. A space that provides freedom of speech, diversity and expression. Kino Kultura is an open space in which artists and cultural workers have the opportunity to develop and present contemporary concepts in the field of performing arts. The scene is open for collaboration. Transparent, democratic, independent, diverse.

Kino Kultura still needs to be re-think and re-boost through the entire restoration and use of the building and the model of open governance. Still a work in progress then. But, you know, culture is always in motion. Just the way it is. Alive.

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