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Glimpses of beauty

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre, Vilnius

© Go Vilnius

Moving ahead for art and beauty

Lithuanian émigré heritage is just amazing. Just mentioning the names of George Maciunas and Jonas Mekas then you just know Lithuanian creativity is at the top of contemporary art and cinema.

So Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre is the way of recovering that heroic past to be used as a propeller for new creativity to come. A way of reuniting a “dream team”. It is not a museum but a platform. It should carry the flag of the avantgardes of all of the arts.

Fluxus, the avant-garde movement in the mid-XXth century, defend the idea of an impossible separation between life and art, both so fluid, so interconnected that there is no way to imagine them being apart. Life might be seen as a piece of Art. Art might be felt like a piece of Life.

With that in mind, breaking down barriers and frontiers, this centre should be just a place for working creatively and aesthetically; for living, producing art and making fun. For moving ahead seeing glimpses of beauty.

And some beauty is more than enough for making life valuable.

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