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Il cinema ritrovato, Bologna

© Municipality of Bologna

We live in the danger of not noticing the beauty of the heritage around us

Cinema is surprisingly and dramatically disappearing. Finding, discovering, rediscovering and recovering the images of valuable cinema is a duty. Those are the first aims of Il cinema ritrovato, more than a festival, a necessary task of offering the best cinema for all the people. A heritage that is one of the most important elements to understand the XXth century, and still our contemporary world.

In a time where we are all surrounded by images at full speed, everywhere, it is a challenge to take the time to watch, stare and valorise the quality of good films. Some of them surprisingly in danger of being definitely lost.

Digitising is probably the best way to recovering images, and to show them to the citizens. How to spread the word? Making cinema once again a wonderful experience, much more than just entertainment, a social event. And that is the main achievement of the festival, sharing cinema as an unforgettable time, all in the extraordinary and magical space of the historical centre of Bologna.

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