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Instructions for making an art factory work

Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca

Paintbrush Factory Cluj
© Paintbrush Factory

The mistakes from the past can be a good starting point for creating art

What is the first thing we need for painting? That's right, a brush. Maybe that's why Fabrica de Pensule (Paintbrush Factory) is such a convenient place to work for the stunning new generation of artists coming from Cluj-Napoca, the vibrant city placed in Transylvania.

Here we can find a real hub for painters, a whole centre where the sum of all the creative people propelling the engine is much more than every individual. Even though some new stars are emerging. It is really a factory, and you could find some references in the Warhol one or the Bauhaus.

But this is special. In this case, they got it confronting the dark side of the past of their city, taking advantage of the re-use of an abandoned paintbrush factory. And that's is not a metaphor, it is real.

Great minds, great artists, great ideas to overcome the fears and mistakes of the past. Cluj is definitely efficiently working as a cultural city. And it is showing clearly the instructions on how to do it right: Putting the culture to work.

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