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Learning how to change (the city)

Academy of Change, Cluj-Napoca

photo by Radu Padurean © Academy of Change

If the future is going to be different, the best knowledge is that one able to metamorphose

Urban future needs propellers, engines able to make the city different, better, in its foreseeable development. And, how to do it then? Cluj-Napoca has in mind that if institutions are there, it is for being a platform to take advantage of the talent and resources already in the city. A new kind of academy. Knowledge is just there, open, to be reunited and used.

What is just true and crystal clear is that the future will be different. So, the best knowledge to spread is about change. The best heritage is the one able to adapt to different circumstances.

We don't need to set culture rules in stone if they are naturally moving. In the end, the only academy to establish is an Academy of Change. A way of boosting inspiration and collaboration through citizens, professionals, associations, institutions working in the cultural field. Altogether, pushing in the same direction, it will be easier not just imagining, but creating a sustainable, smarter and greener urban life, that one lead by the cultural sector.

The key is training, building, exchanging, collaborating. There is strength in numbers. It is possible to teach and to learn how to change. For better, sure.

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