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Making sense of the city

Feel your city, Cluj-Napoca

© Feel Your City

Heritage should be closer, perceptible to everybody

Can just a group of teenagers change the way a city is felt? Yes, they can. Some students from the «Onisifor Ghibu» high school in Cluj realized that not every citizen or visitor could enjoy properly the most visited city in Romania, and decided to change this. How?

They installed a panoramic board in braille on the «Cetățuie Hill» - the belvedere spot of the city. And that was not all, but just the beginning. Then they decided that the next step was to install information boards in braille at the touristic points around the main square in town. The money for this project is coming from a festival they are organising every year in their high school: called «Ghibstock», a nod to «Woodstock».

The teenagers wanted to facilitate access to education for their colleagues and organised a «treasure hunt» where participants could discover cultural and historical places in the city centre. They also organised different initiatives and campaigns with the aim of highlighting how prejudices affect the way people interact. As well in the cultural context of heritage.

So they go on and on, creating a whole Feel your city movement. That's how from an apparently small movement is possible to change things, to make the city more accessible for everybody, more enjoyable. A fairer place.

No excuses. No exclusion.

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