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The future of festivals

Kappa FuturFestival, Torino

cc Movement Ent. - Kappa Futurfestival

Avant-garde is always ahead of the crowd

To be a proper futurist you need to look desperately forward. That's clear. But Futurism, one of the most outrageous currents in the XX century avant-garde, is today a memory coming from the past. Back in 2009, to celebrate one hundred years since the violent irruption of Futurism, Movement Entertainment, a smart-up based in Torino, decided to create FuturFestival. It succeeded, and, after attending 7000 people, it became “Italy's most beloved New Year’s Eve party”.

Location is unique: Parco Dora, an amazing park that reminds us of the former industrial past of the city. But even better is the challenge of not making a toast to nostalgia, but being in the avant-garde again, creating a space for fun and innovation. However, it is a non-mainstream product, but a smart move for all electronic music lovers. A must-go for citizens and foreigners.

Little by little evolved into Kappa FuturFestival, an event at the avant-garde. Why? Because it is a 100% day time, cashless, sustainable and zero impact on the public finance event. One of the best European Summer Festivals; unmissable according to The New York Times. A truly futuristic experience.

Are you going to miss it again?

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