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Playing the city

Playable Bologna, Bologna

© Municipality of Bologna

Heritage as a set for fun and knowledge

Old city centres have been used for a long time as literature and cinema sets. That's an amazing way of spreading the word of the excellence of urban heritage all over the world, for sure.

But, the other way back, heritage can be as well an active element for playing the city, for involving citizens on knowing the stories behind the façades, squares and museums. Heritage and new technologies are good partners. Digitising heritage is probably the best way to preserve it and make it worthy for the population, inhabitants or foreigners. Playable Bologna is a contest launched by the Bologna Municipality to develop a videogame that talks about Bologna and promotes it through its heritage and monuments. The project tries to explore all these assets for making city's heritage more enjoyable.

After all, self-knowledge is the key for curating the city's heritage, for valorising it properly. And having a playful mood is a good state of mind if we want to achieve a more active and dynamic city. Having fun is the best attitude for learning.

Let's play!

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