(Re)cycling urban life

Village Underground (VU), Lisbon

Village Underground Lisbon
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A good breeding ground for culture should be full of talent, creativity and heritage, altogether. The rest is easy

Artists and culture professionals are not lonely people. The romantic view of a genius apart from the rest of society doesn't exist anymore. The new concepts for working in contemporary culture are based on being connected, being together, creating networks, so, why would you need to rent an office or an atelier for yourself?

So, it is much better to build new spaces where creative people can share knowledge, ideas, inspiration. Village Underground (VU) is that kind of new international platforms, an independent cultural space unifying two distinct aspects: co-working and multicultural areas for concerts, exhibitions, theatre, conferences...

The project is based on the renovation of unused equipment and locations, to be reshaped and brought to life. In Lisbon, the area consists of 14 shipping containers transformed into office space, a conference room and café made from renovated double-decker buses from the transport company Carris. The workspaces are designed to host professionals from creative industries, amongst others.

The idea is to be dynamic, lively, creating the breeding ground for art and creativity, taking into account and recycling urban heritage and memories as a resource. Transforming them in new energy and life for the city.

More at: http://vulisboa.com/; http://warehouse.pt/projects/village-underground-yard-lisboa/;

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