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Shouting out for the love (of a city)

Meet the Skopjans, Skopje

Meet the Skopjans, Skopje Lab
© Meet the Skopjans, Skopje Lab

Talking about the city is a good way to enhance it

Every city needs to be discussed. The place where we live is the main topic of our everyday urban routine. We talk about the streets, neighbours, problems, challenges, pride or fun of living altogether. About the concerns as well.

Citizens really love their cities. That is a universal rule. They are their entire world. Citizens care about the place they live and they want to participate for doing it better for the future.

That is the main resource in the project Meet the Skopjans, a platform where every person can speak out loud about the city of Skopje. Like that everyone can feel inside a whole collective project, a whole society and a way of life and can offer their point of view, their frustrations and desires. And, most of all, they can feel that they are being heard.

This platform creates a dialogue, an exchange of information that talks live about the moments that are being felt inside the city. Almost an emotional approach to the relationship between people and the city. So they can show how much they need (and love) each other.

Through short statements and pictures, the Skopjans offer solutions, ideas or suggestions for some current issues. Every citizen can contribute and give ideas to make the place where they live a better place.

Thankfully, the city is being told, the city is being heard.

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