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The alphabet of the city

é Bologna, Bologna

Michele Pastore © Municipality of Bologna

Urban life might be just an excuse for creating narratives. Just words to be used, stories to be told

What if a city should be defined just in one image? Just in one phrase? That is an impossible task. There is no possibility of simplifying something so complex and everchanging.

That is the challenge of branding a city. You know you are going to lose the battle since the very beginning. A city is full of experiences, stories, heritage, people coming and going... a whole past and an infinite future to come.

The best way probably is listening to its citizens and visitants. Creating platforms to communicate. That is how the project é Bologna is so perfect, so convenient. Because it is a whole alphabet, a whole vocabulary to connect people, to make them feel identified to the city. Based on some basic elements of Bologna heritage, this logo is for everybody, it is there for being appropriated and felt like yours every time. A code for sharing. Just type it.

Finally a logo for everyone.

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