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The place where the statues talk

Vilnius Talking Statues, Vilnius

© Go Vilnius

Heritage can talk by itself

What if you were just walking around the city and you received a call, you don't know the number and... yes! The character of the statue you got in front of you is talking to you! That's the funny game of Vilnius Talking Statues, an interesting way of enjoying the city creating a direct and personal feeling with its heritage.

Like that citizens and visitors can experience new urban routes, getting out of the usual beaten track. And, like that, they can listen to new stories behind what, apparently, is there just standing day by day, rainy, sunny or snowy, in the city. Those silent statues become real through the use of new technologies. And then heritage is alive!

The voices of Lithuanian contemporary writers and performers are connecting us directly to the most recent or further past, from the rocker Frank Zappa to the medieval times of the Grand Duke of Lithuania. Just as heritage is, a wonderful experience of travelling around time and space.

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