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The river is the bridge

Somes river, Cluj-Napoca

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The city should go with the flow of natural heritage

Cities are not only the built heritage but also the natural heritage that shapes it: the surrounding mountains, hills, valleys, forests... And every city definitely needs some water. The river is a key element in the development of a city. A core, an axis. If we want to think about a greener and more sustainable urban future, we need to include natural heritage on that vision, for sure.

Somes river, in Cluj-Napoca, shouldn't be any more a line dividing the city, but a whole ecological system and a public space to be valorised, preserved and enjoyed all over its course. And this is the main aim of the new project for recovering the spaces of the river for the city. As a work in progress and long-term, it definitely needs the participation of the citizens to make it really for their own.

The Somes is envisioned as an urban connector of public spaces and green areas as well as the primary circulation path for pedestrians and bicycles. Thus, this proposal aims to bridge that gap between the river and the city. All in all, the objective is to enhance urban mobility, redefining the existing urban connections by extending them to the water’s edge, creating a visual and physical connection between the city fabric and the river.

The river can definitely bridge that gap.

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