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The sea is just here

A Barriera c’e il mare, Torino

Design by Leiden Durand - © TurinBarriera

If visitors are a little bit confused, let's show them the best places to go

A neighbourhood is full of things to see and to do. But who knows really the good places to go? Yes, the citizens, of course. That's the point of A Barriera c’e il mare, a project where the people that really know well this area of Torino can communicate to the world where are the best locations to enjoy their place: art, pictures, food, crafts... Now, it's impossible to be lost. Now, we all know that we should go there, take a look, and taste!

The creation of a website and a tourist map with this bottom-up perspective is the way of valorising properly the heritage of a place, not always noticed because of the inertia of everyday routine. So, the experts are the citizens, and the citizens are the ambassadors. A process for being conscious of the power of the community and creating a stronger identity. A smart proposal for a new kind of sustainable tourism, that of being kindly invited to see and be hosted.

Barriera is waiting for you, just like a day of swimming and diving at the sea.

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