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Centre of Interest, Cluj-Napoca

Centre of interest, Cluj
Photo by Alex Mirutziu © Centre of Interest

The place to be in the emerging contemporary art scene of Cluj

There is always a main point of view. The right place where you should stay. The perfect point where your eyes are just naturally ending. Every composition, painting, sculpture, photography... have that central spot where all the attention is going. There is a whole art of attracting attention and catching the eye. But how to hold the interest after that?

Centre of Interest is a community of art-makers (artists, designers, creative minds) and distributors of contemporary art (galleries, artist-run-spaces, project rooms), based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In Centre of Interest, they know very well that is not just about attracting the sight but the mind of the audience. And there is a lot: loads of proposals, highest quality. An amazing industrial building reused; an old factory recovered as a perfect framework to make art run.

There is much more than a spot, there is a whole picture to look at. We got here a must be, the art centre where you should go if you want to be in the right place and the right time in Cluj.

Don't look away.

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