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Walls to look at

Vilnius street art, Vilnius

© Go Vilnius

Making everyday urban routine colourful. Making the urban walls memorable

Street art makes cities more colourful, more interesting, more enjoyable. Urban space finally becomes a playground where we can achieve different layers of comprehension. The Vilnius street art tour, with the help of the Vilnius Street Art festival, has changed the way the city is walked and watched.

The graffitis are there increasing the awareness of the buildings and neighbourhoods, and showing how much can change the urban space with the interventions of talented people, coming and going, expressing their creative ways of looking, making streets funnier, a better place.

Street art is collective, is ephemeral. Now the walls need to be looked at. Citizens and visitors need to be wise and sharp. You never know what is going to appear or disappear. And every time at every place the city offers a unique experience that will never be the same.

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