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Watching how the weed grow

Malerbe, Bologna

© Municipality of Bologna

Citizens as gardeners of the urban space

Recovering spaces for being enjoyed in the historical centres of the cities is not an easy task. The high density of buildings and the use of most of the streets and squares for traffic have been a tradition along the last decades.

Reappropriation of those spaces for the use of the citizens is a key element to give some life back to the city centre. Malerbe is a project that pretends to create new uses for the spaces in the Zamboni area in Bologna. Piazza Scaravalli was used as a parking lot for a long time. Malerbe tries to recover the space for entertainment, chilling out and dialogue.

There residents and students can finally know better each other. Both are invited to use the space actively, as a dynamic garden where they can see how the bad weed grows, or how green can be the city if we just adapt some sites and take care of them. Participation and inclusion are crucial for this new way of looking and making the city. A new ecosystem of urban biodiversity.

Now urban life can bloom again.

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